The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives and the lives of every individual on earth.  While we firmly believe this will slowly resolve with time, it is going to take all of us working together to get there safely.  Here at Leitchfield Pediatrics we are taking every precaution possible to keep your child, your family and our staff as safe as possible.  We want to emphasize the importance of keeping your children up to date on their wellness exams and vaccinations.  We also want to remind our families that children are still getting sick from other potentially dangerous conditions, such as urinary tract infections, strep throat and pneumonia.  So, please don't hesitate to come see us.  Please continue reading below to see the changes we have implemented here at our office to keep everyone as safe as possible.

1. We are currently not using our waiting rooms if at all possible.  We are asking that you register your child online from home prior to the appointment.  If this is not possible, then please register from your phone while waiting in your car after you arrive.  If none of these options work for you, we can still utilize the Phreesia tablets for the registration process.  These tablets are sanitized between each use.

2. We require everyone age 3 and up to wear a mask for the entirety of their visit to our office.  This is to protect our patients, their families and our staff.

3. Our providers are assigned days to only see healthy children with no acute illness or only see children that are acutely ill.  If your child is scheduled for a wellness exam or other appointment that does not involve an acute illness but does happen to be acutely ill that day, don't worry, we can still see them.  However, you will be asked to see a different provider that day.  If that does not work for you, we can reschedule your child to a different day so you may see the provider of your choice.

4. We do offer COVID-19 testing at our office.  Unfortunately, supply of the rapid testing kits is limited so we do not always have this available.  If we are unable to perform the rapid testing our office, we can obtain a sample and send this out to a reference laboratory with results typically coming back in 24-48 hours.

5. We are wiping down our rooms between patients with disinfectant.  If there is concern for a patient potentially having COVID-19, we are taking extra steps to disinfect the entire room with aerosol spray.

We fully understand any concerns you may have about this pandemic and want to assure you we are doing everything possible to keep our environment safe.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 270-259-5641.